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By Tara Brooke | Health & Beauty Tips

Mar 19

Coming from the modeling world I am all too familiar with the pressures that young women put on themselves as well as the pressures put on all women to be the perfect size and shape. This makes me sad and upset. As a mother with a beautiful little girl that leans on my every word I am so cautious about what we say in our home. For example we never use the word “fat” or “diet” we really try to go out of our way to show our kids healthy habits from what we eat to staying active and fit with them.

When I was a little girl growing up I overheard my dad innocently make a comment about a women’s body, she was on a TV commercial for a popular gym. Needless to say she had a beautiful figure and I knew that my dad thought so by his commenting on it. In fact, the impression he gave stayed with me and at the early age of 7 I was forming an idea about what was beautiful. The years that followed I was body conscious and that focus followed me all through my school years into my 20’s.

Once I got into modeling a lot had changed for the better in my life. As a young girl I came from humble means and I knew modeling was a way to change my life. I also loved doing it and it became my passion. Starting working at a young age I developed a hard work ethic and self-discipline. I became a “student” of the body and was very interested in how to best take care of it instead of taking it for granted.

Now when I see all of these super rail-thin celebrity’s I realize looking back at my pictures I had in my early 20’s I was the same size. At the time I didn’t realize that I had fallen into some unhealthy habits. It can happen very easily and I just want young girls to know that you can really shape and tone your body through fitness and hard work. To reach your goals be realistic if you are 5’2 you’re not going to have the legs of a women that’s 5’10, but you can still have amazing legs! Try not to constantly compare yourself to others. This can be difficult in a society that takes great pride on comparison’s and who wore it best. It’s difficult for young women to compete with what they see on TV and read in the magazines. It’s something as a mother I worry about.

What I want all women to know and what I will continue to tell my daughter as she grows up is “you can only be the BEST version of YOU!” When I was in my 20’s I like to call them the “lost years” because even though I was happy in my marriage I had to overcome some things. I was walking away from my modeling career even though I was on the verge of some very exciting opportunities. The truth is that I really did have to choose at the time between my husband, our new life, and my life in LA as a model. I wanted to make the best decision for “us” not just “me” and that meant saying good bye to some things I really wanted. Looking back I am THRILLED at my decisions, but while I was going through it I felt a bit “lost.” My husband owned a family business and there were absolutely some challenges about me “fitting” into his world. We had made the decision to put our love and marriage first and it all worked out for the best!

Life can and will throw you some curve balls you just need to stay grounded and have a good idea of what’s important to you and let your gut guide you!

Most women that you talk to will agree that for the most part the 20’s are difficult. After all, you are just starting to figure things out and there are lots of bumps along the way and lessons are learned.

Now I am in my 30’s I can tell you that life gets better every day! It is up to you to choose to be happy. You can’t put your happiness on being thin or put it on the person that you are with. Happiness has to be found in who you are not how you judge yourself when you look in the mirror. What you are doing today to make yourself better? The truth of not having happiness will always show up in a person’s life. We each have to choose happiness and take steps every day to protect and nurture it in our lives.

Self-confidence is earned and anyone can have it if they are willing to do the work and that work is a lifelong process that never stops. I encourage you today to rethink how you view yourself maybe you need to cut yourself a little slack and not be so hard on yourself. If you need to lose weight make it a goal. I don’t care how many times you have failed before it doesn’t matter, try again!

Get on a program that can help you attain your goals and help you get healthy! I want you to be the best version of you. You can enjoy and admire models and celebrity’s but remember that everyone has to work at it to look great. I personally love sevenpoint2.com they have incredible products that are organic, gluten free and allergen free but they taste incredible!

Learning to love yourself will reap incredible rewards that you can pass onto your children and you will see how wonderful it feels to have self confidence in you. No one will reach perfection and thank goodness, because once you get there it’s all downhill you have to make changes constantly in the natural and be thinking positive things about yourself and your circumstances. Lastly, remember that this life we are in is a marathon not a quick race so be kind to your body take care of it, nourish it, feed your soul, and love who you are there is only one like YOU!

I found just a few modeling pictures and although they do carry found memories they are nothing like the memories I am making with these two!

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