Wardrobe Must-Haves for Moms

By Tara Brooke | Haute Moms

Sep 28

Keeping with the trends certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. To stay with the ongoing trends, I love to check out sites like net-a-porter.com and see everything that’s popular for the season. Keep an eye on your favorite fashion magazine to see what’s hot or check out Pinterest for everything fashion. I could get lost on this site for hours! It’s totally my guilty pleasure.

Buy the classic items you love and find really great priced items that you know are trendy and will be in style for long. Every designer out there copies one another’s trends so you will be able to find stuff that looks expensive but are not.

I like to spend my money on a few classic pieces that usually cost more but lasts forever items like handbags, a great pair of winter boots, as well as sexy heels for evening.

Adding comfy T-shirts with lots of great accessories is fun. Having cute scarves and understanding when to wear and add items is important. I Love having a great youthful motorcycle black leather jacket—it’s edgy, young, and looks great mixed with conservative as well as with fashion forward items.

Also, change up your polish and makeup toward the trends that are coming out as this will keep you fresh and on point. Adding some highlights or darkening your hair during winter also helps you feel great—and as mom’s, since we spend so much time on our family, we also need to feel amazing.

Remember to wear things that make you feel good and really love— and your confidence will shine through.



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