The Twins’ 5th and Some Party Ideas

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Nov 29

Hi friends!

This year my kids turned 5 and I have to admit that I have been sad for about a week before the big day. I felt like it had all gone by far too fast and I was struggling with the fact that they are growing up.

I know it sounds silly but I have tried to spend every minute with them relishing the moments. As I would often hear from all my mommy friends “it flies by.” While I knew that deep in my heart, I was still not prepared for my kids’ turning five so I decided to focus on their sweet birthday party we had at our home and I put my heart into all the details handling everything.

This year my kids wanted a ‘Barbie Mermaid/ Superhero themed party where all of their friends could come and just have a great time.  I focused on all things that children love while also making sure all the invited parents could relax, enjoy and simply have a good time.

I hired the superheroes—Spiderman and Batman, as well as Barbie Mermaid who was quite a hit not only with the kids but also with the daddies. We had face painters and balloon artists who were so incredible. I swear they created works of art for the kids!

The food was incredible too. We have crepe makers for the parents where they could choose from over 25 different types of handmade crepes from chicken, to steak, to vegetarian. They also created the most amazing dessert crepes and I indulged in the Nutella crepe with strawberries and whipped cream! The kids had their own food section with everything kids love!

I have to say it was an amazing day and everyone had the best time. When you focus on the children and create a space where parents can both relax and enjoy great food, everything works out perfectly!

The best part for my kids was when the superheroes and Barbie sang happy birthday to them with all of the children—there were almost 100 people there.

The kids jumped on gigantic bounce houses as well as the Trampolines that rocket you into the air. They even got me on it at the end.

The party lasted for four hours but everybody enjoyed it so much that nobody actually wanted to leave. Here are some fun pictures to enjoy:

I absolutely love creating parties to say the least. I love getting in there and putting up the decor and planning the themes. I even arranged all the flowers myself.

I think you should also go there and do it yourself if you can. While hiring people who can do it all for you may turn out really lovely and will certainly make things easier, there is nothing better than doing it yourself! (I must confess that I didn’t cook the food though. There are some things you may want to order especially when the crowd gets close to 100!) I had so much fun putting the goodie-bags together and my kids definitely felt the love!

As we look forward, we are so excited about the future and look back on the last 5 years with such incredible memories.

Remember that you can plan any party with any budget you want so don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune. Write out what’s important to you and work from there. Most importantly, have fun and focus on creating the day around what your children really want and will remember!

Have fun!


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