Tamara Mellon: Shoes and Girl Power

By Tara Brooke | Haute Moms

Sep 11

Women love shoes and it isn’t just because they’re big girl toys. There’s something very empowering about wearing stilettos—they automatically boost your confidence and they even make you feel sexier.

Tamara Mellon is my favorite shoe designer. She co-founded the Jimmy Choo brand and has worked wonders for the company. She managed to transform a rather small shoe line into a worldwide phenomenon that took Hollywood and five continents by storm. As of today, there are 100 Jimmy Choo outlets all over the world.

She started her career at Phyllis Public Relations. After a few years, she moved on to Mirabella and in 1990, she became Accessories Editor for British Vogue.

In 1996, she partnered with couture shoemaker, Jimmy Choo, and started building the empire from a £150,000 loan from her father. She also sourced out factories in Italy and also setup an office there that handles production, quality control, and shipping. For fifteen years, she was face of Jimmy Choo shoes until November of 2011 when she decided to part ways with the company. Presently, Tamara is rumored to be releasing her own line of shoes under her own name sometime next year.

Aside from her work in the couture shoes industry, she is also a member of the New Enterprise Council—a group of entrepreneurs that advise the Conservative Party (UK) regarding policies concerning the business.

As a mother of one, she treasures the little things that her daughter, Minty, gives her including a cup she made herself. According to Tamara, Minty insists that she have her morning coffee in that cup. She’s really proud of her daughter’s creativity. Apparently, Minty made her first dress after watching an episode of Project Runway, which they now display in their home. Minty also made a “No Smoking” sign for Tamara which allows her to carry on with her choice to completely quit.

So what is the original Choo Queen’s favorite design? Tamara says that it is The Loop since it embodies what Jimmy Choo is really about—it is sexy, chic, and arresting all at the same time. As for design inspiration, Tamara says she gets that from her travels where she would find interesting patterns and design elements from the places that she gets to visit.

Tamara Mellon is really an inspiration for me. She’s a great entrepreneur and also a mom. I hope you find inspiration from her as much as I do.



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  • Tamara with a rack of shoes photo courtesy of Jimmy Choo through http://main.stylelist.com
  • Shoes collage and shoes with matching purse photos courtesy of Swa-Rai through:http://www.swa-rai.com
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