Sunday Mornings at the Boreyko House

By Tara Brooke | Relationships

Sep 10

Everyday has its share of joys as well as challenges but there is something so magical and special about Sundays.

At our home, we try to hit the beach early with our kids and the dogs. Yes, it’s messy but that’s part of the fun! We chase each other, rock climb, and try to run from the dogs when they are ready to shake off the sand. It’s a joyous time for my husband and me to walk hand in hand, snuggle up, and have a cup of coffee.

Once we get home, it’s time to create something great in the kitchen. This Sunday we made croissants with homemade jam, and turkey mushroom with  Havarti cheese baked Frittata. It was so yummy!

My daughter helped set the table and my kids are at the age where I totally bring out the nice china. After all, they have to learn at some point. Making it special for the family feels good and I want them to have these memories for a lifetime.

Next, we scoot off to church and then home for a day filled with swimming, riding bikes or scooters, and of course now, football!

It’s just wonderful to be together. I wish you and your families those special moments filled with laughter, tons of kisses and above all, the gift of health.


Tara Brooke

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