Summer Pool Safety

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Apr 05

Summer means being able to splash around cool waters to beat the heat. But just because you and your kids are having fun doesn’t mean that you will not think about staying safe.

I knew the importance of having my children pool safe so my husband and I enrolled our twins at 6 months old and they have been swimming ever since. Now at age 5, they will be snorkeling with us in the Bahamas and Hawaii on our upcoming trips. Pool safety is HUGE!

According to, there are a few questions that you have to consider to be able to assure that you and your family will be safe while playing in the water this summer:

  • Are there fences that limit access to the pool and spa?
  • Has the pool or spa been inspected to ensure it is compliant with federal and local laws and regulations?
  • Are the new safety drain covers being used in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act?
  • Do pool and spa pumps appear to be running?
  • Is there life-saving equipment such as life rings and reaching poles available for use?
  • Is there a lifeguard at the pool or spa to watch children and adults?
  • Are you watching your own child or children when they’re in or around the water?
  • Are there water safety rules posted in a visible area for adults and children to review?
  • Is there sufficient staff to monitor the pool or spa when it’s in heavy use?
  • Is there a charged phone close by at all times?
  • Do you and your children know how to swim?
  • Is the staff trained and certified in first aid and emergency response?
  • Do you know how to perform CPR on children and adults? Are those skills updated regularly?
  • Do you understand the basics of life-saving, so you can assist in a pool emergency?

A few additional things to remember when in a pool facility like a spa or a resort include staying close with your kids, being alert, and learning as well as practicing water safety skills like CPR.

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Have fun this summer season and stay safe!

God Bless!


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