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By Tara Brooke | Health & Beauty Tips

Feb 01

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to get in shape and start working towards your health and fitness goals. It’s important to keep a daily record of what you are eating and how much you are working out. However, whether you are doing cardio, weights, or Pilates, keep in mind that what you eat is really 90% of the success you will have in the long run. It’s not wrong to enjoy your favorite food but it’s also important to watch what you eat.

In our home, I am always talking to my family about health and nutrition. We try our best not only to eat organic meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables but also to discuss why these food items are crucial for a healthy diet.

The kids really get it and because of that, they also want to be healthy. I cook with them in the kitchen while explaining to them what I am doing. Through this, I make them feel that they are a part of it.

I love to provide them with fresh raw veggies and homemade healthy dips and hummus while they watch me prepare our meals. Not only do they learn stuff in the kitchen but they also get to enjoy the benefits of eating good food.

We definitely watch the amount of sugar we eat but I also don’t try to eliminate goodies. I know kids love ice cream so we try to make healthy frozen yogurt. Moreover, I do like to bake healthier versions of cupcakes but they do get the real deal too.

We don’t drink sodas nor do we eat fast food. We also don’t drink sugary juices. There are so many healthy versions of juices available now that taste really great.

Apart from eating healthy, I also encourage my family to stay active. We take long weekend walks with the kids and dogs or go for bike rides and runs on the beach when the weather permits. Less TV and more time playing outside is the name of the game.

We also don’t allow them to play on the iPad until it’s the weekend and then we limit the amount of time they get.

It’s important for the kids to see how mom and dad live, eat, and workout. Find ways to incorporate your kids into working out. Remember that just sixty minutes a day is great not just for kids but adults as well. It also makes for wonderful family time.

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