Summer Comes to an End

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Sep 01

Wow, another summer is coming to an end!

This summer has been truly amazing. When I think of all the fun things I have been able to experience with my family, I find myself in awe at how cool everything has been in the past few months.

We had great trips to Sea World where my kids were actually tall enough for their first roller coaster; We gave kisses to all of our favorite Disney characters at Disneyland; We had Knight Battles at Medieval times with my kids dressed in Royal attire; We spent weekends at La Costa, the beach, and of course, our back yard; daddy was throwing them in the pool a hundred times while I was chasing them in the pool while I am still fast enough to catch them. These are the years that they will always remember.

These are moments that pass so quickly. Knowing in our hearts that these things come and pass in just a blink of an eye keeps us enthralled and simply in love with these moments.

There was this instance when we were watching the Olympics and we had to explain to our kids the powerful images of the sprinter without legs. Gazing at their awe-inspired faces as he ran, never giving up on his dream, made me realize that for the children, he is just truly amazing.

There had been beautiful moments with my dad and my mom as well. I watched them enjoy their time with their grandkids and they truly savored every moment of it.

I will always remember looking into the rear mirror as they sing a “One Direction” song and not missing a single word. My daughter, who’s almost five years old even asked me if Katy Perry can come to her birthday. How she even knows who Katy Perry is at this age scares me!

I also taught my daughter the joy of cooking and setting the table each morning with flowers picked fresh from our garden.

It’s just been incredible—my kids reading bible stories with daddy every night and being excited about God and Jesus. They sit there, wanting to learn and know more. It’s exciting to watch their enthusiasm about God! They love Sunday school and never want to miss even just one Sunday.This summer I also watched as they commit to their fourth year of swimming. They are now only training in the Olympic size pool—learning to dive off the boards and learning to do forward underwater flips like the “big kids”.

They were also able to break boards and have tested for their orange belts. Now my son (who is super tall) is getting ready to start his first season of basketball while my little girl wants to start cheer and hip-hop! All in all it has been busy and rewarding at the same time. As summer comes to a close, I look back with great appreciation of each experience and look to the future for even more rewarding times as a family!

As a nation, we’re getting ready to decide who will enter the white house. Will it be our current president or will we embark on a new path with Mitt Romney? Each day we pray for our great nation and the protection of our country and all those that make it possible. I believe that God will continue to protect us all and allow this great country to thrive once again.

May each and every one of you find joy in even the smallest details of life! If you are one of the millions of Americans that has been experiencing the loss of your home, your job, or are facing health issues, I pray that the weight that you carry be lifted and that those burdens will begin to lift and that joy and happiness will begin to consume your daily life.

Seasons change so hold on to the moments that are worth cherishing. I know you are right around the corner to a new season of possibilities and happiness! We all deserve it!

Be blessed!


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