Paying it forward during the Holidays

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Dec 23

In this season of sharing, I think there is no better way to teach our kids the importance of giving without expecting in return through paying it forward. With all the gifts and blessings we all get 365 days a year, a few act of kindness during the holidays can be enough to show our gratitude for the multitude of good things that come our way regularly.

Through giving to others, we can help our children realize that sometimes, the best way to appreciate the good things in life is through helping others experience it too. Here are some ways in which you and your kids can pay it forward this Christmas:

  • Donate your time. This can be anything from serving meals at the soup kitchen, helping the elderly get to their destinations, helping neighbors with holiday chores such as putting up their decorations, or participating in the work of local organizations for the season.
  • Help someone who is struggling. As a random act of kindness, help somebody who is having a hard time with something he or she is doing. It can be as small as helping reach an item at the top of the shelf at the grocery, helping a neighbor shovel his or her lawn, or helping somebody fix a flat tire.
  • Donate toys. Christmas is the best time of the year for kids because of all the new things that they receive from the family. Inspire them to donate new toys to groups like Toys for Tots or at local hospitals to help spread smiles to youngsters who will get a new thing to play with this holiday season.
  • Make a conscious effort to help save the environment. Donate a tree to help re-populate our forests or encourage kids to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Spread joy and cheer. The thing about giving is that it sometimes doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. More often than not, something as simple as a smile, a ‘thank you’, or a hug can mean more than any monetary gift you can give.

I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas this year!

Happy Holidays!



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