Making your Date Nights Special

By Tara Brooke | Relationships

Nov 23

Date by the Beach

Wives, quality time with your husbands is very important to keep the fire of love passionately burning. Oftentimes, parental and occupational responsibilities get in the way of giving 100% of your attention to your spouse. And though there may be designated date nights, the experience might be more of a routine than exciting.

Remember those memorable times in your courtship? The emotions and excitement that you felt before you were bridled with tasks that seemed to pull you closer to a reality that is a far cry from where you were, need not only be for the history books. Relive those youthful years by recreating the way you spend your date nights.

Here are a few suggestions as to how you can add a dash of the young love experience to your married lives:

  • Bring to life your most unforgettable experiences. Were there stuff that you and your hubby did in the past that seem to have no place in your lives right now? What did you usually do on dates before you were married or before you had kids? Think of something that you used to do that can fit into a few hours of date night and plan to relive that experience again. Do not forget to remind your husband of how significant that experience was to you for him to have a little blast-to-the-past moment.
  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do together. Did he want to sing live karaoke but was never able to? Did both of you want to witness a stage performance in the past, like a concert, a play, or a ballet? Was a seaside candlelight dinner at the top list of the things you wanted to experience and remains there until now? Put a little effort in remembering those details and realize them on your next date night.
  • Make it just about the two of you. Plan a date away from the social scene and whisk your partner away to a romantic setting where there’s just the two of you. This can be done in multiple ways like having a picnic under the moonlight in a secluded park or preparing a private garden dinner with the starry sky above you.

Date nights do not need a splurge of money in order to be special. More than recreating scenarios from the past focus on creating new memories as you celebrate the wonderful days of your marriage.

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