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By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Dec 07

The holiday season is here again and that means we will be getting invitations to several parties and get-together again—that is, if you are not busy hosting your own event. Our mothers would often remind us that to show your gratitude for being invited to a gathering, you should bring a gift for your host or your hostess.

While bringing wine or flowers is fool-proof, no nonsense, and simple, there is really nothing wrong with going the distance and coming up with unique ways to show your appreciation and gratitude towards your hostess.

One idea I love is putting together a really cute gift basket that has organic hot chocolate filled with yummy marshmallows. You can purchase adorable Christmas mugs to add some holiday cheer too. Additionally, if your hostess has kids, throw in some organic chocolates that they can enjoy munching on.

If she loves hosting tea parties or is simply a big fan of the drink, consider giving her an assortment of lovely teas—gourmet, organic, Russian, herbal or what-not. Aside from showing that you know what she loves, tea’s lovely aroma and utter warmth will really show your appreciation of her.

You can even give her a chic and fun apron as a gift! Chances are, your hostess loves tinkering around the kitchen and a cute apron will be greatly appreciated for sure! If you are feeling crafty, then why not design the apron yourself.

These are just some ideas that I can share with you. Be as creative as you possibly can when giving unique hostess gifts. And I hope you enjoy the holidays as much as we do in the Boreyko house.



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