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By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Nov 25

This Thanksgiving was a wonderful time to focus on everything that we are thankful for. As adults it seems easy enough because we have spent our lives living and experiencing the highs and lows that come with life but our children don’t always know how other people live.

This year, we thought it would be a great time to have the family show up and serve Thanksgiving dinner to over 300 homeless people that live in Orange County.

My kids were so excited and a little scared to help since it was their first time! They weren’t sure what to expect but seeing mommy and daddy step into action definitely made it easier for them. Children are such natural givers and have such beautiful hearts full of compassion.

We were so proud to watch them help others. Even more so, I loved the question they had for us at the end of the day on the ride home.

It was such a great time to learn and teach them important things not just through words but through their experience. It was a very powerful and moving day!

I would encourage you to find a need and fill it as best as you could. At the very least, just showing up at affairs like this with an open heart that’s ready to help and serve will not only fill other people’s needs but also your own heart. I’ve found that it really is true what they say about being blessed when you reach out to other people.

I think that this year, my children found the true meaning of what it is to be thankful. With knowing that comes the desire to inculcate that into them through the years.

As Christmas grows near, there will be so many ways to help—across the country, while the weather shifts, little offerings like simple as jackets will be needed and of course there is always a need for food.

Below are some website you can visit if you feel inclined to help out finically and of course you can always find local churches that need people to help out as well:

This year at Christmas, our church has Christmas trees outside with names of families and children that have written a Christmas wish. You can pick out one or two or even purchase the entire tree!

While we want to protect our kids and give them all the things we didn’t have growing up, we can never forget that there are so many people out there going without and that the most incredible gift you can help your kids realize is the gift of compassion and giving!

May you and your family relish this beautiful Christmas season and be blessed!



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