Hello, Summer!

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Apr 01

If you are like me, then you can hardly wait for the last day of school—the kids will be free from homework and you’ll be seeing more of their angelic faces every day.

As a family, we are already planning how our summer will go; while I look forward to having the twins home and spending as much time with them as possible, I still recognize that being five and a half years old means they would want to stay busy this season. What child wouldn’t want to explore his or her interests or simply play under the bright shining sun?

This year, the kids will both be enrolled in surf camp for a week and then after that, my son will also do a week long basketball camp (because he LOVES BB) and my daughter will do a week long cheer camp as she preps for her first year of cheer (so darn cute!)

The pool is where we will spend most days and we will also be going on park trips for frozen yogurt as well as quick day trips to San Diego to visit Sea World.

As for vacations, we are taking a 10 day trip to the Turks and Caicos with the kids and we are super excited. I love the Bahamas and the children are now at an awesome age for travel. That will be how we will wrap up summer before Kindergarten.

Another place we will visit is the Disney Island Resort in Hawaii—it is new and looks really incredible!

Whatever your summer holds—back yard barbecues, church picnics, anything that brings the people that you love together, be sure to spend precious moments with your family and make memories that your children can remember.If you haven’t been there yet and you love Hawaii, you should check it out. My kids are ready to snorkel and they have a beautiful area gated off that’s safe where they can see all of the beautiful fish without going out deep into the water.

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