Hearts, Crafts, and V-Day

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Feb 14

I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day! For my husband and me, it’s extremely special and romantic because we became engaged the day before and spent the next day literally planning our wedding which was set for March 1st. I only had two weeks to plan the black tie wedding of my dreams and with the help of some amazing friends, we pulled it off!  So for us, it’s an incredible reminder of the MAGIC that happened and today we are still reaping the rewards of love.

Now that I am a mom, I try to make each holiday special for our kids and that includes lots of art time together. My twins are five and like all children, they have such a beautiful spark and wonder for creating whatever they can dream up.

I always get a special holiday book or two that explains why the day is special and we read it all month long. That way, I know they get it and fully understand its meaning. We do fun arts and crafts to celebrate the holidays.

This year, I volunteered to help with their school Valentine’s Day party and we are creating lots of fun Valentine décor and will be baking up a storm. It’s so much fun!

My husband and I will most likely go out to dinner with a few other couples and enjoy celebrating together and then we will take our kids to the Brunch this year on the Queen Mary ship. We really enjoy finding time together as a couple because we feel it’s one of the most important things in marriage. But we also make time to celebrate special days like these with the kids.

Here’s to you and your family enjoying the Day of Love and finding some alone time with your husband or wife!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tara Brooke

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