Happy Anniversary to “Us”

By Tara Brooke | Relationships

Mar 01

To Celebrating 14 Years of Marriage!

Today is my husband and I’s 14th wedding anniversary

This morning when I woke up I had this beautiful feeling come over me of love and gratitude. You see my life growing up I wasn’t always a happy life, instead life provided me with lessons that would challenge me. In fact, at the tender age of 7 I had to decide to either “sink or swim.”

As I look back at my wedding pictures I am reminded of the leap of faith we took not knowing each other for very long and actually only dating for about a month, that’s right, you heard me right one month. We became an item in January when I was just about to turn 23 years old and on the eve of Valentine’s Day (not even a month later) he popped the question and I of course said “YES”! And if you thought that was quick imagine a black tie wedding at the Ritz Carleton just two weeks later. You can actually pull off a dream wedding that fast with the right help. I’m still grateful for everyone that helped make our day special!

I am sharing this with you for two reason’s the first is that no matter what challenges you were raised with or born into you can overcome obstacles at any age and have your dreams come true! Finding “the man of my dreams” is a perfect example. Even though, life was hard during my childhood and teen years I always had hope.

My greatest piece of advice is to never give up HOPE on LOVE. It’s out there for each and every one of us. Don’t listen to the skeptics and if you have tried and tried with love and still haven’t found Prince Charming keep trying, keep hoping. Love will find you and it’s your job to be aware of it once it arrives.

I just came back from my beautiful cousins wedding and the advice that I gave her after 14 years of marriage and two kids later was above all things put your marriage first! Make time for each other, share your thoughts, your passions, your dreams, and be honest. Have amazing SEX and always carve out time for it no matter what!

Lastly, never stop celebrating your love. One of the my favorite ways to do this is by being grateful daily for all the little things in my relationship. And by all the little things I mean, Jason pouring me coffee in the mornings, taking out the trash, and watching the kids so I can take a relaxing shower/ bubble bath… the little things really mean the world on a day-to-day basis. It’s a nice habit that helps me celebrate my marriage!

As the years of my marriage have gone by we have grown our relationship from a seedling to a beautiful tall tree with deep roots. Our marriage can withstand the “stormy weather” life sometimes presents, because the roots grown with love are always there grounding us.

My wish for you is that you will celebrate the love you have now and if you are still waiting for Prince Charming start dreaming NOW again of your fairytale and never let anyone take that dream away from you.


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