Happiness and Beauty

By Tara Brooke | Health & Beauty Tips

Apr 21

There is nothing that can make you prettier than when you are happy.

It is true that being happy makes us more beautiful! Have you ever noticed how beautiful people become when they smile or laugh? It lifts up everyone around them and it can become contagious. I think being able to find happiness in life is one of the greatest things you can accomplish.

I know as a parent that I want my children to grow up healthy and happy. Isn’t that what we want for all of our kids? Yet in the world we live in today, there is such a push for materialism, competition, and striving to be the best. I think one has to be mindful not to fall into the traps that can be laid for this type of thinking. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely enjoy living the good life and I would definitely say that I am a driven person who also finds joy in healthy competition.

What I steer clear of are the relationships with people that seem to have these qualities but use them to control their life instead of using them for good. No matter what they gain, buy or accomplish, they are pushed towards the bigger things and as a result, they seem to have lost all sense of enjoyment or personal satisfaction that should come with a goal being accomplished. People can easily fall into the comparison game which can be very dangerous for them.

When you constantly look over the fence playing the comparison game, you are never fully able to enjoy the little things that really matter like good health, your family and friends.

When there is too much focus on material things, it is easy to get lost in it all and you will not feel happy because you never feel like you have arrived at success.

Being optimistic will help you with your self-image. It will also help you to treat your husband, kids, the people you work with, and your friends better. There may be days when everything seems wrong but a healthy optimistic mind will say: “Tomorrow is a new day.” Remember: hope comes in the morning so forget your bad days and wake up with a fresh attitude.

In my life, the things that make me happy are my husband, children, our pets, my closest family and friends, and the things that interest me.

Living in beautiful Orange County, there are stunning people everywhere, huge homes, massive bank accounts; and I could keep going. While I do enjoy seeing all these things and appreciate everything that’s beautiful, it’s important for me on the inside to be thankful, happy, be able to contribute to others, and be able to move forward with my personal goals which are: keeping my body, spiritual life, and soul fed. Sure I have bad days just like everyone else but I end those days thinking about how great the next day will be.

I genuinely want the people in my life to flourish and have their dreams come true. While I have many more places on my list to travel to and see, I can honestly say that an afternoon in the backyard with my family, dogs, and our rose garden is one of the most wonderful places in the world, and still tops it all.

Take the time to congratulate yourself on the great job you do every day as a mother, wife, or friend. Give yourself a much needed pat on the back for hitting the gym regularly. None of us will achieve the physical perfection we set up in our minds but, darn it, we should be able to run around the beach in our bikinis feeling happy without shame and simply enjoying life.

If you have achieved a special goal, please take the time to treat yourself to a special night out with friends and family; allow them to share your joy and excitement. You can even order that well-deserved bottle of wine or champagne.

Does it mean you are done achieving? Certainly not! We never are since it is part of our job here on earth to continue growing, sharing with others what we know, and hopefully allow people that we love to learn from us. We have to keep learning.

Now, we may never be perfect and I, for one, am ok with that. My wish for you is that you may find the joys in small things and that when the big things come, you may be overwhelmed with happiness from them.  If you are still waiting for something wonderful to happen, remember that you are strong and that you will be filled with hope. We all walk through this life with incredible talents; please share them with the world because we do need it. We are all special, talented, and unique!

Remember that just like the butterfly, there is only one of you and that is what makes you GREAT!

God Bless,


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