Halloween Party Invitations

By Tara Brooke | Haute Moms

Oct 05

Halloween parties are a great way to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. Between the awesome healthy sweets that you can serve and the fancy, creepy, and whimsical costumes that you and your guests can wear, there’s no denying that spending time together with friends at this time of the year is special.

These gatherings are also a great way to stir up your creative juices. Why not send out handmade invitations that capture the essence of Halloween?

I was browsing MarthaStewart.com the other day and I came across great ideas for making your own party invitations for the Holloween. I thought they were really cool so I would like to share them with you. Here are the ones that caught my attention:

1. Owl Invitations with Movable Wings

*Color-photocopy templates at 125 percent (or download images and print) onto white heavyweight matte paper. Cut out parts with scissors. (For thicker invitations, affix copies to black card stock with spray adhesive, then cut out parts.)

*At joints, make holes using a microhole punch. Secure wings behind body with black miniature brads.

*Write details using a pen. Fold in parts; enclose card in an A6 envelope.

2. Black Magic Party Invitations

*Print invitation text on computer postcard paper (8 1/2-by-11-inch sheets perforated into four sections). Use painters or masking tape to secure the cards, information side down, to the work surface. Evenly tape the entire border of each card. Color the backs of the cards completely with brightly colored crayons, then coat with a thick layer of black tempera paint. Once the paint has dried, ask your favorite young artist to etch designs on the black background. To vary patterns and line thicknesses, experiment with such implements as plastic utensils, nails, toothpicks, and coffee stirrers. If you end up with extras, frame them with orange construction paper and use them as decorations at your party.

3.  Message in a Bottle Invitations

Halloween is a great time to have fun and be creative. I hope you have a great time planning your bash!* Just print the invitation template, roll them, and place in tiny apothecary style bottles. You can age the paper by soaking them in strong black tea first.



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