Gifts at the Boreyko House

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Dec 21

Christmas is definitely a holiday most enjoyed by children; with all the treats and gifts that the holidays bring, it isn’t surprising that kids love the most festive season of the year.

In our home we focus more on creating and learning about what Christmas means and less on gifts. While my kids love to visit Santa and make their lists, my husband and I stick to a strict guideline on how many gifts we will buy for them. Like all parents, we know that coming downstairs on Christmas morning to a room filled with gifts for the kids is wonderful but with that said, we do not go overboard.

The kids get things they want within reason and the things they need I buy for them but those are not considered gifts. How can you keep the wonder and joy of getting gifts if you give them everything? There has to be a balance so they have something to get excited about

Each Christmas, we purchase gifts for families in need and get the kids involved with helping to pick them out, wrap them, and deliver them. There is great joy in giving for them and they deserve to experience that.

Most importantly, our children want family time—they enjoy being with us more than getting endless amounts of toys and that is just heartwarming.

On another note, we have something else to look forward to this year. Our children are finally at an age where we can join the Performing arts center here and take them regularly to the plays and musicals that come out. We believe that now is the time to open them up to the arts and help nurture a love for music and theater. All of these things are more fun during the Christmas Holidays.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



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