Feeling the Love on My birthday!

By Tara Brooke | Relationships

Feb 02

It seems like every birthday comes a little faster than we would like. But since we certainly can’t change it I decided a long time ago never to allow it to bother me. After all as long as you are happy, healthy and have love in your life becoming another year older shouldn’t matter!

Frankly I am really proud of my age and I try to take these moments to allow myself to feel good about my accomplishments. We are always working hard to reach our goals and sometimes we just don’t celebrate what we accomplish so birthdays are really the perfect time to give yourself a pat on the back!

My day started out with early morning cuddles from my two favorite people on earth, my kids.

Birthday Party

My husband had taken me over the weekend away to our favorite resort for a much needed couples getaway were we spent the day at the spa and by the pool relaxing and enjoying!

The night of my birthday Jason and the kids surprised me with decorating our breakfast room in all pink, mine and my daughters favorite color. He made a beautiful dinner and the cake was stunning!

Then they surprised me with breakfast with a little help from my handsome husband of course

Needless to say I was feeling the love. Jason made a special video for me of the kids sharing what they loved most about mommy wow you can’t put a price tag on that gift! All in all it was a magical birthday!

Here’s wishing that your special day and every day that follows be filled with Love, Health, hugs, kisses and happiness!

Tara Brooke

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