Dominique Moceanu’s Secret Sister

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Aug 03
Dominique Moceanu and Jennifer Bricker
They have grown up 1,000 miles away from each other. One was thrust into the limelight for her impeccable talent while the other idolized her. And yet, when they finally met, their laugh, their way of speaking and their handwriting revealed that they indeed shared the same blood. What’s more, the girls shared the same passion for gymnastics.

Former Olympian, Dominique Moceanu, revealed in her autobiography that she, in fact, has a secret sister—one who her parents had to give up for adoption soon after she was born. Moceanu was six when it happened and when they were finally reunited, she was 26 and was about to give birth to her first child.

The secret Moceanu sister grew up to be Jennifer Bricker—an accomplished acrobat and aerialist who has been amusing her audience in the last 24 years. Despite her being born without legs, her adoptive parents who raised her in Oblong Illinois still nurtured her love for sports since she was young. She played softball, volleyball, basketball and certainly gymnastics.

“My parents made me feel everything but handicapped growing up. Handicapped wasn’t even a word we used,” Jen explains to ABC News.

She has worked at Walt Disney World Company from January 2007 until last June, in between Jen took tumbling classes at a local gym in Illinois. She has also competed for four years, winning one state championship and 4 all-around at the Jr. Olympics. She even had the chance to work with Britney Spears at a circus once.

Jen idolized Dominique ever since she played for the US team in the Atlanta Olympics. She expressed in an interview once, “Whose childhood idol turns into their biological sister?”

The sisters now regularly spend time together with their mother, Camelia, and youngest sister, Christina Moceanu making up for lost time and enjoying every part of it.

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