Decking the Halls

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Dec 13

The holidays are undoubtedly here and mind you, it’s not just the season for gifts and cheer. Every mom anywhere in the world knows that to welcome the season means to start taking out the décor to set the holiday mood.

Personally, I find joy in decorating our home. Getting ready is definitely my favorite part of the holidays. I especially enjoy picking out the tree and then prepping all the décor to trim it. At our home, we set the mood by turning the fire on and lighting up some candles while my honey and I have a wonderful glass of wine each.

Even more so, I love getting my kids involved in the process. After all, Christmas is mainly for children. What better way to set their moods to the holidays than letting them help out in making our home a Christmas wonderland of our own, right?

My kids also love to spread the holiday cheer in their rooms as well as their play room. Both of them get their own trees that they can decorate themselves. What makes it more fun is that we make our own ornaments to trim their trees with. We cut out snowflakes, train figures, tiny snowmen, and little sparkly elves.

Christmas is not complete without cookies and so as part of our little tradition, we decorate Christmas cookies for their teachers and friends. Speaking of confections, my favorite part of this is creating gingerbread houses with the twins.

These are just some of the fun things we do at our home to welcome Christmas and I hope you guys also get to enjoy your very own traditions. Let us also not forget that the season should not be centered on the décor but on the spirit of giving that serves as the season’s embodiment. Happy holidays everyone!



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