Decide to Run Your Own Race in 2013

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Jan 01

So what does it mean to run your own race? I was thinking a lot about my New Year’s message and what I really wanted to relay to you. At this time when we live in a reality TV world and when social media is at our finger tips reminding us daily of what other people have and what they are doing, I think so many people get into a game of comparisons.

They stop thinking for themselves and they decide to copy others. That can be with how people dress, what they buy, what type of car they have, who they are dating, and what type of jewelry others wear.

In this New Year, take charge of your own life and desires and be sure to think for yourself. Don’t spend all your time comparing yourself to others—DREAM YOUR DREAM!

In life there will ALWAYS be someone that has more. Maybe they will be prettier, smarter, or have more money. You can’t live your life constantly comparing yourself to them because that person will most likely see others with more! It is how life works; each day when you get up, you need to ask yourself a few questions—are you just going through the motions of life or are you challenging yourself to be all you can be? It’s so easy to just get through that day especially for people who are experiencing challenges. But as we enter a New Year, decide today to do it right and run your own race.

Find out what makes YOU passionate and don’t decide to let some reality show person who is experiencing fifteen minutes of fame to shape who and what you are. I say this because there are so many young women right now who are watching and shaping their lives and desires after these shows.

As the New Year approaches, create your list of goals and decide what you really want to accomplish even if it seems out of reach; just write it down. Then create a plan on how to get there. In my book Beautiful Ambition, I lay out a step by step approach to achieving your dreams and goals. You must have a track to run on, you have to know where to go, and you have to know how to get there.

You can start by making a dream board that has everything that you want. Cut out pictures from magazines that inspire you and put them together. Make sure that you can easily see this board to remind you of the things that you want to achieve or have.

This year decide to do it differently even if it seems hard. You have it in you and you are stronger then you know. Wake up each day with passion and enthusiasm. Decide to break through the mundane and go after excellence. Find inspiration where you can. Sometimes it’s easier to do it for others than for ourselves so if that’s the case, do it for your family.

As you are preparing your dreams and goals for the New Year, also include a written page of what you are thankful for. Gratitude is everything—in order to have more in your life you must show gratitude for what you already have.

Moreover, be honest with yourself about things you need to make right. For example if you are holding on to grudges, pain, or feeling unforgiving towards someone, you will not be able to move forward until you reconcile with yourself and make things right in your heart.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have people in your life that have hurt you. What it means is that in your heart you have released it and have forgiven that person that you are not reliving those negative feelings or experiences in your mind all the time.

You don’t need to try to get even with people. I have said it before and I will say it again: We are all here to learn our own lessons and that means that we are ALL responsible for the choices we make. Whether they are good or bad, each of us has to live with our own Karma because it is how the universe works. You reap what you sow period.

So decide to wish those people well and move on. Take responsibility for your dreams and what you want.

This Year I know you can do it. Live with passion and run your own race.

May health, happiness and prosperity be yours this year and may all of the blessings fill your life.

Love Lots,


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