Creating Lasting Bonds

By Tara Brooke | Relationships

Dec 22

My kids love to have rituals and traditions to look forward to and the holidays are the perfect time to develop those. Whatever it is that you as a family do, make it something you love and that you can commit to so that when that time rolls around each year, your children will definitely look forward to it.

Maybe you take the kids on vacation someplace and each year it’s the same destination—for our family, my kids absolutely love Hawaii. This year, however, we are actually venturing out to the Turks and Caicos because we love to keep it tropical.

We split up our vacations so we do a tropical one and then a winter trip. This Year the kids will be spending weekends during break in ski class so there will be lots of time as a family spent on the mountain.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, be sure to make a big deal out of it. When your kids see how excited you are, it will be contagious!

May this Season bring you joy beyond compare. I hope that you recognize that it is more about the experience you create with your family than the amount you decide to spend. I think less “stuff” and more “love” is a better all-around gift you can give!

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