Celebrating V-Day in Two Ways

By Tara Brooke | Inspiration

Feb 03

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m sure in a few days’ time, we will be seeing hearts all over the place again. The best part about this holiday is, I think, knowing that moms like us can celebrate it in two ways—one is with the kids doing fun arts and crafts and the other is with our friends and of course our hubby just enjoying each other’s company and savoring the romance that this season brings. I think it’s wonderful that way; that we are able to feel the love of the people we care so much about.

This year, I found myself volunteering to help at the twins’ school Valentine’s Day party and we’ll be making décor together and I’ll also be baking so much. I’m so excited! So I found some resources online on how to make cards, mobiles, and other fun arts and crafts that you can also try with your kids at home (Source):

Lollipop Valentine Card

Supplies Needed:

Pieces of construction paper (red, pink, purple, green)


Regular or heart-shaped lollipops




Optional: A printer (if you want to use heart templates)


Cut out some red, pink or purple hearts – they should be a little bigger than the lollipops you have. Using green construction paper cut out some leaves.

If you’d like, use a heart template page and print it out to help you draw hearts.

Write a message on one side of each heart. Glue or tape a lollipop onto the blank side of each heart then tape one or more leaves onto the stem of each lollipop.

3-D Hearts Mobile


Red, pink, white, purple, and other construction paper, oak tag, or gift wrap



A long length of colorful yarn (thick yarn works better than thin string)

Glue stick

A sturdy paper platea

Markers, crayons, or paint

Stapler or tape


Draw a spiral on a paper plate. Cut along the line.

Decorate the paper plate using markers, crayons, or paint.

Make a few strings of 3D hearts, with 3 to 4 heart triplets on each string. You may have to make a knot under each heart to keep it from sliding down the string (if the string is too thin or if you don’t use enough glue).

Staple or tape a few strings of hearts to the paper plate.

Attach another short length of string to the plate; it will be used to hang the mobile up.

Brown Paper Bag Valentine Card

Supplies needed:

Brown paper (from a grocery bag) or construction paper (red or pink is nice)

Pinking shears or scissors

A hole punch

Red or pink ribbon (about 1/4 inch wide) or thick yarn

Markers or crayons


Cut a large heart from brown paper using pinking shears.

Using a hole punch, make a series of holes around the edges of the card. Make an even number of holes.

String ribbon or yarn through the holes.

Tie the ends in a bow (this is the hardest part of this project). If the bow doesn’t look good, you can glue the ends of the ribbon to the back of the card instead then write a message (or draw a picture) on your Valentine card.

Of course we must never forget that Valentine’s Day is a holiday and it is meant to be celebrated. Why not gather other couples and spend the night having fun? The great part about this is that you can have a party any way that you like; be as creative as possible! Decorate your home with lots of hearts, serve delicious food, and just have a good time with other couples as you celebrate hearts day.

To make your gathering more exciting, you can try these games I’ve found online (Source):

Who’s Your Mate?”

This game is similar to the Newlywed Game. Have one person from each couple leave the room. The host/hostess tailors some planned questions to the group and to certain couples. The other half of each couple stays in the room, and answers questions about their mate/date. They’re supposed to answer each question the way they think their mate/date would respond. They need to write each answer down, so that when their partner returns he/she can give their own answer to each question. Assign point values for each question that is a match. Then reverse roles of the couples for the next set of questions. The couple with the most points wins a prize. Make sure the prize is something they can share!

“Sing Along”

Divide the group into teams. In a jar, fold up slips of paper that has different love/relationship” related words on them. Team #1 gets to draw first, and they must sing a song (at least one line of lyrics) with the word they have chosen in it. Then Team #2 must match them, and keep going back and forth until one of the teams gets stumped. Then the other team wins the point.

“Tie a Red Ribbon…”

This is a great way to get the party started if you have an even number of people at your party. Buy some red yarn or ribbon, and cut the ribbon/yarn up into various lengths (at least 100-400 uneven pieces). Put everyone into pairs, and have them search throughout the house to find as many pieces of ribbon/yarn as they possibly can. They must work with their partner to tie each piece of ribbon/yarn together to create one long piece of yarn/ribbon. Whoever has the longest piece of ribbon/yarn at the end of 10 minutes wins the game (It is OK if not every piece of ribbon is found).

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your kids, your friends, and of course your husband.

God bless!


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