Celebrating Dad

By Tara Brooke | Relationships

May 26

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Once again, it will be that day of the year when we show how much we love our dads and husbands and how much we appreciate them and their effort in providing for us and for showering us with the support we all need.

At the Boreyko house, we will be celebrating this special day by heading out to the beach for a picnic and having a fun and exciting day. I think nothing beats spending time and bonding with the people you love the most and it means so much more since we will be doing it to honor Dad.

Of course giving a gift for the World’s Best Dad is also helpful and it doesn’t even have to be super expensive. I was searching Shutterfly.com the other day and I found their Top Ten Best Gifts Ever for Dad. Shutterfly takes your best and fondest photos and transforms them into items that Dad will most certainly cherish his whole life. Some of the items on their list include Wordplay Mugs, Photo BooksiPhone Cases, Desk Calendars, So Much Love Collage Canvas Print, Note Pads, Desk Plaques, Pewter Key Rings, Cards and Stationery, and Stainless Steel Mugs.

Aside from gifts, there are other things that can make Father’s day extra special for Dad and the whole family as well. You can make him breakfast in bed, organize a family event, bake a cake, make him dinner, make a gift basket, perform a song for him (this is great for the kids), or write him a poem or a letter.

I hope you and your family have a memorable Father’s Day celebration this year.

God bless,


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