Kids and Hobbies

For youngsters, hobbies can be more than just a way to pass the time. It can be something enriching that can help them develop new goals, build self-esteem, and enhance their learning capacity.

It is normal for children to jump from one hobby to another as they grow up but eventually, they will settle on the thing that can one day become their passion.

As parents, we are responsible for helping them explore their interests. However, our job is only to guide and support them. We cannot push them into an interest just because we think it’s good for them. Remember that a hobby is only worth pursuing if it sparks passion in the heart of a person.

It can also be useful to let kids join a club or a team specializing in their interest. The social interaction they gain can help them enjoy their hobby better.

For hobbies that may include lessons, help your kids to avoid going overboard to avoid burnout. In some cases, lessons aren’t required since some kids learn more and enjoy what they are doing when they are not restrained with the idea that they have to do things right.

Finally, help your kids learn more about their hobby through giving them resources like books. If you think a reading material is still above their reading level, give the book to them anyway because they can look at photos and read captions. You can also discuss the content of the literature to them.


Spending Time with Hubby on Valentines’ Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year because I was engaged the night before February 14th. Now, here we are close to celebrating our 16th year together and it just seems to get better and better.

 I think there are certain things that couples can do to keep the spice of their marriage alive like making time for weekly date nights. With kids and work, my husband and I both need a break together to celebrate one another and have moments to ourselves.

We also like to get little couples’ getaways even for one night. My mom will come in and watch the kids. They get to have a wonderful time with grandma while we can get a break alone.

Whenever we are away together, we simply have fun and give each other lots of attention. Packing our favorite music, candles, and a little lingerie is always a good thing.

So this Valentine’s day think of a special way to surprise your man. It could be a picnic on the beach (if you live in California, that is) or a walk in the morning with coffee and make him breakfast.

There are so many great things you can do; it’s the little things that count over time.

Here’s to celebrating love.




Making your Date Nights Special

Date by the Beach

Wives, quality time with your husbands is very important to keep the fire of love passionately burning. Oftentimes, parental and occupational responsibilities get in the way of giving 100% of your attention to your spouse. And though there may be designated date nights, the experience might be more of a routine than exciting.

Remember those memorable times in your courtship? The emotions and excitement that you felt before you were bridled with tasks that seemed to pull you closer to a reality that is a far cry from where you were, need not only be for the history books. Relive those youthful years by recreating the way you spend your date nights.

Here are a few suggestions as to how you can add a dash of the young love experience to your married lives:

  • Bring to life your most unforgettable experiences. Were there stuff that you and your hubby did in the past that seem to have no place in your lives right now? What did you usually do on dates before you were married or before you had kids? Think of something that you used to do that can fit into a few hours of date night and plan to relive that experience again. Do not forget to remind your husband of how significant that experience was to you for him to have a little blast-to-the-past moment.
  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do together. Did he want to sing live karaoke but was never able to? Did both of you want to witness a stage performance in the past, like a concert, a play, or a ballet? Was a seaside candlelight dinner at the top list of the things you wanted to experience and remains there until now? Put a little effort in remembering those details and realize them on your next date night.
  • Make it just about the two of you. Plan a date away from the social scene and whisk your partner away to a romantic setting where there’s just the two of you. This can be done in multiple ways like having a picnic under the moonlight in a secluded park or preparing a private garden dinner with the starry sky above you.

Date nights do not need a splurge of money in order to be special. More than recreating scenarios from the past focus on creating new memories as you celebrate the wonderful days of your marriage.

Lots of Love,



Dealing with the Challenges of Being a Mom

Motherhood has to be one of the most fulfilling things in the world to me. Being able to nurture my twins and bring them up to be wonderful people just brings me joy and satisfaction. I love my children and I love growing with them.

However, I do understand that raising children can sometimes be frustrating and stressful. There are things you can’t control no matter how hard we try. There are going to be bad days but the cons of motherhood should never outweigh the pros.

One of the most important things to remember in order to keep the joy of motherhood alive is to have fun. While it entails a lot of responsibility, rearing children also means reveling in simple things like blowing bubbles or reading stories to our youngsters. Find delight in mundane activities that you can share with kids because it is the little things that create the best memories.

Also, always keep in mind that kids grow up so fast. Time flies and the demands that come with taking care of a toddler or the nuisance of potty training will pass faster than you think it will. At best, we only have short of two decades to keep our kids close so remember to relish every moment whether good or bad. Always bear in mind that an extra dose of patience and good humor will go a long way.

Finally, know that motherhood is a great way to relive our own childhood. If you grew up in a loving and nurturing home, you can give the same experience to our kids so that they too can grow up with memories that they can cherish forever. On the other hand, if you didn’t have such an appealing time when you were growing up, you can use that as an opportunity to provide a better experience for your own children and from there, inner healing will ensue.

Motherhood is a joyous experience and will never stop even if the kids have started carving their own path. Just remember that we can’t take the good without taking along the bad.

Lots of Love,



Celebrating Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Once again, it will be that day of the year when we show how much we love our dads and husbands and how much we appreciate them and their effort in providing for us and for showering us with the support we all need.

At the Boreyko house, we will be celebrating this special day by heading out to the beach for a picnic and having a fun and exciting day. I think nothing beats spending time and bonding with the people you love the most and it means so much more since we will be doing it to honor Dad.

Of course giving a gift for the World’s Best Dad is also helpful and it doesn’t even have to be super expensive. I was searching the other day and I found their Top Ten Best Gifts Ever for Dad. Shutterfly takes your best and fondest photos and transforms them into items that Dad will most certainly cherish his whole life. Some of the items on their list include Wordplay Mugs, Photo BooksiPhone Cases, Desk Calendars, So Much Love Collage Canvas Print, Note Pads, Desk Plaques, Pewter Key Rings, Cards and Stationery, and Stainless Steel Mugs.

Aside from gifts, there are other things that can make Father’s day extra special for Dad and the whole family as well. You can make him breakfast in bed, organize a family event, bake a cake, make him dinner, make a gift basket, perform a song for him (this is great for the kids), or write him a poem or a letter.

I hope you and your family have a memorable Father’s Day celebration this year.

God bless,



Fabulous Mom’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Honestly, it is one of my favorite things to celebrate not only because of the shower of love and adoration I get from my family but also because this is the day I get to share my appreciation for all the moms out there.

While a good old breakfast in bed, a few roses, and hugs and kisses from the family is very heartwarming and very much appreciated by all mothers, receiving something fabulous on a day dedicated to celebrating our triumphs and woes for raising our family is always welcome.

Below are some gift ideas that you can give to your own mother or your friends:

Glam Up— Women love bling so for Mother’s Day, why not give the best mom in the world a Stella and Bow Dolly Parton Bangle? This stylish gold and crystal bracelet will definitely steal your mom’s heart. It retails for $63.25 at

Pamper Me Up Kit— Annmarie Gianni’s luxurious skin care set retails for $179.99 and features a range of elegantly formulated products including an Aloe Facial Cleanser, a Neroli Toning Mist, an Anti-Aging Facial Oil, a Coconut Honey Mask, a Dead Sea Scrub, and a Coconut Body Oil. All of these items will surely leave every mom’s skin supple and soft leaving them feeling super pampered. Purchase this at

Save the Earth with Her— Support your mother’s nurturing side and give her a VivaTerra Garden Pail Gift. This is perfect for moms who love to work on plants but have very little time left in their hands thanks to their busy schedule. Each set contains an attractive metal pail, soil, seeds, and plant food. This is available at

The items I have mentioned above are just some of the things that moms would love to get. However, at the end of the day, after all the loving and the caring we give to our family, the best gift that any mother can get is the appreciation from her family.

I hope you all have the strength to keep caring for your own families. Happy Mother’s Day and God bless.




Power Mommies and Happy Daddies

We have all heard the phrase “happy wife, happy Life” and, of course, as women we LOVE to hear it—I know I do.

My husband says this all the time and I see him really go above and beyond at wanting to make sure I am happy and my needs are met. The reason is because I give it to him first. We know that motherhood can literally take all of our time. It can even push us emotionally both when we are having ups and downs with raising our children. More so, these things take a physical toll on us as well. So when it comes to our marriages, it’s easy to see that the focus on relationships can take a back seat if you let it.

The first thing that I do is remind myself that there will always be a certain amount of chaos when it comes to raising children. The joys, happiness, and love are unparalleled but if we are being honest, it’s hard work and it doesn’t always go smoothly. So allowing yourself to feel your emotions and having an outlet that’s just for you is essential.

For me, it’s that time I take working out. It serves three areas of my life that are essential to me. The first one is that I am honoring myself and giving my body, mind, and spirit what it needs. The second one is that the stress that I release is HUGE and I walk out feeling refreshed, relaxed, and empowered. I take all of the frustration out and I leave a better person even on the days I drag myself there. Lastly, the fact that I can rock a sexy pair of short shorts or skinny jeans is icing on the cake!

Next I spend a lot of time using empowering words in my life around my children and to my husband. Have you ever been around a woman that nags all the time that everyone in the room is uncomfortable at the way she is talking to either her children or her husband? We all have and they are like flashing signs that read “I am miserable and I want you to suffer too!”

Look, kindness is so important it goes back to the Golden Rule, doesn’t it? “Treat others how you want to be treated”—Women, men, and children don’t want to be nagged and mistreated and yet, it seems to happen all the time. If you feel this is something that you are struggling with, you need to ask yourself WHY? Being honest with your self is so important. Don’t push things under the rug that are bothering you because if you don’t work on them, they will destroy your life.

No one is perfect and we all have things we need to work on. It’s just part of life but that doesn’t mean that we can or should get away with mistreating each other especially our loved ones.

If you find that you are suffering from a form of depression that you just can’t seem to kick, you really need to look at the foods you are eating and ask yourself as to whether you are exercising enough, sleeping enough, or if you’ve been to the doctor lately to make sure you are staying on top of your annuals like blood work and cholesterol. All of these things, if they are off balance a little, can make you feel depressed. If you are on top of all these things and are still finding it hard to cope, then you need to take further action and seek the help of a professional.

As for our husbands, ladies, the fastest way for you to get what you need and want from your relationship is to take care of your man. Make time for one another. Many women think that were the ones that need emotional support but so do our husbands. They are soldiers for us and our families but they also need to be cared for. They crave affection and tender moments too. They need to flow with you and they absolutely need to have the “emotional connection” as well as a satisfying sex life with you!

Find ways to let him know that you appreciate what he does for you and the family, that he is sexy to you, and that you still feel like flirting. When you do these things, he will want to give you the world. Nothing makes your man happier than seeing you happy. They feel very responsible for our happiness and the truth is they are not. We are all responsible for our own happiness. Life is about eves and flows. We are not going to be perfect all the time but we can keep our minds focused on how we want to live each day and being a positive person will help you 100%.

Remember the little things like cooking his favorite meal after a long day. Keep track of football games or basketball games that he may want to go to and surprise him with tickets for him and a buddy. If you can’t afford that, consider inviting friends over for drinks and appetizers to watch a great game. You can let the kids watch TV in your room while enjoying a box of pizza.

Find ways to show him that you care. I love to throw a sexy photo into my husband’s overnight bag when he is traveling with a little note saying “after the kids go down make sure you call me.” Then that night you can go back and forth with some major phone flirting. Don’t talk about your problems. Save those for another night when he is away. Give him all the reasons in the world to rush home to you and the kids.

When you put out the effort you will reap the rewards in the same way that working out gets you the body and the clarity of mind you need. Taking care of him will in turn allow him to go above and beyond in taking care of you!

Create your plan today on what you can do to improve your life. Find the ways that can give you more family time and private time that he will love. I promise, this will allow your family to over flow with blessings.


Tara Brooke


Summer Pool Safety

Summer means being able to splash around cool waters to beat the heat. But just because you and your kids are having fun doesn’t mean that you will not think about staying safe.

I knew the importance of having my children pool safe so my husband and I enrolled our twins at 6 months old and they have been swimming ever since. Now at age 5, they will be snorkeling with us in the Bahamas and Hawaii on our upcoming trips. Pool safety is HUGE!

According to, there are a few questions that you have to consider to be able to assure that you and your family will be safe while playing in the water this summer:

  • Are there fences that limit access to the pool and spa?
  • Has the pool or spa been inspected to ensure it is compliant with federal and local laws and regulations?
  • Are the new safety drain covers being used in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act?
  • Do pool and spa pumps appear to be running?
  • Is there life-saving equipment such as life rings and reaching poles available for use?
  • Is there a lifeguard at the pool or spa to watch children and adults?
  • Are you watching your own child or children when they’re in or around the water?
  • Are there water safety rules posted in a visible area for adults and children to review?
  • Is there sufficient staff to monitor the pool or spa when it’s in heavy use?
  • Is there a charged phone close by at all times?
  • Do you and your children know how to swim?
  • Is the staff trained and certified in first aid and emergency response?
  • Do you know how to perform CPR on children and adults? Are those skills updated regularly?
  • Do you understand the basics of life-saving, so you can assist in a pool emergency?

A few additional things to remember when in a pool facility like a spa or a resort include staying close with your kids, being alert, and learning as well as practicing water safety skills like CPR.

For more information, you can visit

Have fun this summer season and stay safe!

God Bless!



Hello, Summer!

If you are like me, then you can hardly wait for the last day of school—the kids will be free from homework and you’ll be seeing more of their angelic faces every day.

As a family, we are already planning how our summer will go; while I look forward to having the twins home and spending as much time with them as possible, I still recognize that being five and a half years old means they would want to stay busy this season. What child wouldn’t want to explore his or her interests or simply play under the bright shining sun?

This year, the kids will both be enrolled in surf camp for a week and then after that, my son will also do a week long basketball camp (because he LOVES BB) and my daughter will do a week long cheer camp as she preps for her first year of cheer (so darn cute!)

The pool is where we will spend most days and we will also be going on park trips for frozen yogurt as well as quick day trips to San Diego to visit Sea World.

As for vacations, we are taking a 10 day trip to the Turks and Caicos with the kids and we are super excited. I love the Bahamas and the children are now at an awesome age for travel. That will be how we will wrap up summer before Kindergarten.

Another place we will visit is the Disney Island Resort in Hawaii—it is new and looks really incredible!

Whatever your summer holds—back yard barbecues, church picnics, anything that brings the people that you love together, be sure to spend precious moments with your family and make memories that your children can remember.If you haven’t been there yet and you love Hawaii, you should check it out. My kids are ready to snorkel and they have a beautiful area gated off that’s safe where they can see all of the beautiful fish without going out deep into the water.

Love Always,



Spring Gardening with Kids

I think Spring is the perfect season for kids to spend time outside. With plants blooming everywhere, frolicking under the sun will certainly give your children a chance to make fond memories. Aside from letting kids play under the cool spring air and brightly shining sun, this season is the perfect time to get them involved in gardening, planting spring flowers, and growing a family vegetable garden.

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has some tips when it comes to gardening with kids during Spring. This includes:

1. Visit places where plants thrive, such as nurseries, arboretums or your neighbor’s flower patch. As children explore, talk with them about the different sun, soil, and water requirements of healthy vegetation.

2. Survey the natural treasures in your own backyard—birds, bees, blossoms. Children are notably wide-eyed and open to new discoveries. Cultivate their curiosity.

3. Identify a spot on your property for a children’s garden, inviting kids to take part in its selection. NWF recommends a small plot of land—no wider than a yardstick—that can be easily managed. Other good options include window boxes or containers.

4. Have your soil tested for lead as children are highly susceptible to poisoning. If its presence is confirmed, focus on container gardening or consider building a raised bed and filling it with loam you purchase.

5. Sow fast-germinating seeds or introduce transplants that are quick to flower or fruit. Children are typically eager to see the results of their labor. Be sure to include kids in the plant selection process.

6. Choose plants that will excite the senses. Examples include eye-catching sunflowers and fragrant herbs.

7. Woo wildlife, which will wow your kids, by focusing on perennials that are native to your region. Native plants provide the best overall food sources for backyard birds and other animals, and because they are adapted to your area’s weather, soils and pests, they generally require less maintenance.

8. Add other wildlife-attracting elements to your habitat: water, shelter and places to raise young. NWF suggests building toad homes, brush piles, a pond and a bat house.

9. Provide kid-sized tools and teach young gardeners how to use them safely. Equipment can be found in most garden stores, but don’t overlook at-home options such as spoons and measuring cups.

10. Eliminate use of toxic chemical fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides. When necessary, use natural alternatives instead.

11. Practice good hygiene. When it comes to gardening, getting dirty is half the fun for children. Make sure they wash up well after working in the soil, as it can contain a variety of contaminants, including chemicals and harmful bacteria.

12. Encourage children to do a share of all the garden chores but be mindful of their limits.

13. Visit the garden with your kids every day to make sure you don’t miss its rewards: flowers opening, butterflies sipping nectar, ladybugs eating aphids, and the like.

14. Take advantage of teaching moments. If you uncover a pill bug on the ground, for instance, explain that its roly-poly posture is a means of defense. If your children pose questions you can’t address, seek out the answers together. A visit to the library or Internet might be part of the journey to discovery.

15. Encourage children to share their garden with friends and family. Giving tours reinforces their ownership of it and helps instill a sense of pride.

16. Invite reflections of each day’s gardening experiences: Talk about what went on, what was seen and so on. If time permits, have kids draft notes in a journal, draw a picture or take photographs. All of these actions serve to reinforce what was learned—and enjoyed.

Have fun exploring plant life with your kids this Spring!

Love Lots,


Image by Matt Luckins via