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By Tara Brooke | Haute Moms

Sep 07

Fall is here again! Together with the changing of the season comes the inevitable coming of a new school year. For kids, this means saying goodbye to staying up late and frolicking under the sun. While for moms like us, it means helping our little darlings with their homework and other school related stuff.

The new school year may seem to be a dreadful thing but trust me, going back to school can be fun not only for your kids but also for you as well especially if you’re a stay at home mom! The main thing we have to remember is that it’s all about getting organized, being prepared, and keeping everything balanced.

Before the school year starts, you’d want to have everything your kids needs ready. This would include school supplies, clothing, their schedules, and other things that they might need.

Shop early for school supplies and take advantage of back to school sales stores usually have. Stock up on notebooks, loose-leaf paper, pencils, erasers, scissors, coloring materials, and other supplies your kids might need.  For clothes, you can either buy those or you can participate in clothes swaps. The latter will allow your kids to get “new” clothes for less.

Prepare your kids for waking up early to catch the school bus. Understand that some kids are cranky in the morning while some are cheerful. You can start their back-to-school wakeup routine at least two weeks early to prep your kids. This means no staying up past bed time and getting up early. This would make the transition easier for your kids.

It’s also important to teach your kids how to stay organized. When the school year begins, they’d be busy with studying and other extra-curricular activities like sports, dance classes, etc.

Teach them how to manage their time wisely. Help them prepare a list of the things that they need to do and make a schedule out of it. Include time for homework, non-academic activities, and of course, time for having fun.

You can give your kids planners or maybe a grid board that shows the days of the week and the things that they may need to do. You can also get big calendars for them to put their activities on.

Also, assign a space in your home for kids to do their homework; this can be their own desk or the kitchen table. Either way, make sure to have all the supplies they need within reach. Place supplies in boxes near their homework area.

Also, allow your kids to have a little breathing space. Just because they’re going back to school doesn’t mean they have to say goodbye to having fun. They are kids after all. Allow them to play outside after their homework has been accomplished or give them treats whenever they do well in school.

Lastly, you can organize a little party for your kids and their friends before the school year officially begins. Celebrating the upcoming school will make your kids more excited about making new friends and learning new things from their teachers.



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