Monthly Archives: September 2012

Things to Know about the West Nile Virus

Over the summer, the West Nile Virus carried by mosquitoes has spread across 47 states with over 1100 confirmed cases and 41 deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Controls, the peak of this epidemic will carry on through September. [READ MORE]

Fighting the Sniffles: Staying Safe during the Cold and Flu Season

The season is changing again and with it come sniffles, colds, and even influenza. However, there are things we can do to fight viral threats that this time of year brings along with it. An important thing to remember is [READ MORE]

Best Places to See this Fall

Fall is here again! You know what that means: cooler days, cozy sweaters, and foliage changing from summer’s green to fall’s red, orange, and yellow. At the same time, it’s that time of the year again that’s perfect for little [READ MORE]

DIY Party Planning

Parties are a great way to get together with family or friends. It gives you the opportunity to catch up with each other and enjoy great food and drinks at the same time. Just like the party itself, preparing for it [READ MORE]

Tamara Mellon: Shoes and Girl Power

Women love shoes and it isn’t just because they’re big girl toys. There’s something very empowering about wearing stilettos—they automatically boost your confidence and they even make you feel sexier. Tamara Mellon is my favorite shoe designer. She co-founded the Jimmy Choo [READ MORE]

Sunday Mornings at the Boreyko House

Everyday has its share of joys as well as challenges but there is something so magical and special about Sundays. At our home, we try to hit the beach early with our kids and the dogs. Yes, it’s messy but [READ MORE]

Back to School Fun

Fall is here again! Together with the changing of the season comes the inevitable coming of a new school year. For kids, this means saying goodbye to staying up late and frolicking under the sun. While for moms like us, [READ MORE]

Summer Comes to an End

Wow, another summer is coming to an end! This summer has been truly amazing. When I think of all the fun things I have been able to experience with my family, I find myself in awe at how cool everything [READ MORE]