Monthly Archives: March 2012

How to Savor the Moments With Your Kids!

Over the weekend I was reading a great article from parenting magazine and it talked about how there are only 940 Saturday from the time our kids are born until they leave for college! I never thought about it that [READ MORE]


Kids are Eating Greens!

Imagine getting your kids to eat greens like Broccoli, kale, wheat grass and many more healthy gluten free organic greens and the best part is that THEY LOVE THEM! Never argue about finishing your vegetables again! Try a Free Sample


Weight matters

Coming from the modeling world I am all too familiar with the pressures that young women put on themselves as well as the pressures put on all women to be the perfect size and shape. This makes me sad and [READ MORE]


John Varvatos Rocks the Stuart House Benefit Block Party

Over the weekend my family and I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful charity block party in LA during the 9th annual Stuart House event put on each year by designer John Varvatos. This amazing charity helps children that [READ MORE]


The Power of Walking – Start Today!

Hi Ladies, With summer 90 days away I want to encourage you to get moving today! Walking up hills at a fast pace is really the perfect exercise. Not only does it burn calories but you can clear your mind [READ MORE]


Happy Anniversary to “Us”

To Celebrating 14 Years of Marriage! Today is my husband and I’s 14th wedding anniversary This morning when I woke up I had this beautiful feeling come over me of love and gratitude. You see my life growing up I [READ MORE]